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01 Nov 2020


30 Nov 2020


The Most Advanced Platform for Building
Financial Applications.

We were approached by Productfy in late October of 2020 to design and develop their website. There was a catch though. The site needed to be complete and ready to launch within 4 weeks, for an upcoming trade show, which got their date bumped up due to COVID. We immediately started working on wireframes to nail down the layout of the site.


We wanted something to reflect
FinTech with some personality.

Productfy already had an established brand, so it made our job easier to determine which direction we go in terms of look and feel. Since this was more of a corporate site, we kept our primary color white to give it a neat appearance. Sky blue and black were also used throughout the site. Since there were some sections that would be database driven, we built the site using PHP/MySQL.


With a narrow window of time, they were able to complete all development ahead of schedule. Their professionalism was on full display with every aspect of the project.

Yanni S.


Timeframe was tight but we were
determined to make it work.

Typically we wait for our graphic design to complete before we move forward with development, but since time was of the essence, we were able to shift our schedule to close the gap in time. We used a light framework called Laravel, for the overall architecture of the site, which cut our time down considerably.


We built a custom website from
start to finish in 4 weeks.

We were able to finish development 3 weeks after we started. The final week we made some last minute changes and completed our QA. The website is fully responsive for mobile, tablet and web and was ready to be unveiled at the trade show. Our client was very happy.

About Productfy

Your FinTech operating system in a box.

Productfy is a single fintech tool kit with embeddable features backed by unified due diligence and a flexible general ledger. Their mission is to empower innovative companies to launch a financial product in the fastest time with the most competitive price by fundamentally transforming the way fintech is built.

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