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05 Nov 2018


1 Sep 2019


It's about time there is an app for business.

Our client wanted to build an app for the mobile professional. We brainstormed different ideas and came up with multiple concepts for this application. The main feature of this project would be an instant messenger where business professionals could communicate daily, along with other ancillary sections that would complement this. We came up with UX/UI designs of how this app would work and how each section would interact.


An intuitive UX for the every day professional.

To cement the best user experience possible, we focused on neutral colors such as black and white, so that the site is clean and user-friendly. To give it a sense of identity, we used the color seafoam green in spots such as buttons and links. Also, since each section was distinct, they each had to have their own identity. We went with blue, orange, purple and red to represent these sections. Since we wanted to keep this design more “corporate”, we decided to use Roboto as the typography.


Businessfriend had so much depth that it felt like we were working on 4 different projects at once. In the end, with proper planning, everything seamlessly came together.

David R.


Due to the size and scale of the project, we spent about 9 months in development.

This project was a massive undertaking as we built a responsive web version, along with native apps for iPhone and Android. Due to the projections of high traffic and database usage, we decided to develop the website using MEAN stack(Mongo DB, Express, Angular, Node.js). For iPhone we coded using SWIFT and for Android we used Java. Additional technologies, such as motion graphics, RSS, and Tokbox were used for other parts of the site. These were just some of the technologies we used for this project.


Introducing an all-in-one platform for business.

Upon completion of the first phase, the app went into beta testing. We invited several companies to be a part of it. The beta testers gave excellent reviews, and were really excited about the app. It became the primary way employees communicated with one another. Lots of ideas were passed along, which we plan on adding some of them in our next phase.

About Businessfriend

Businessfriend is redefining how you connect with your professional and social network.

It is a social networking and communications utility that helps you stay connected with the people and professionals that matter the most. With Businessfriend, collaborating among colleagues and peers just got a whole lot easier. Instead of using several different apps to accomplish one goal, Businessfriend allows you to seamlessly execute all business affairs in one, user friendly platform.

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