Avon Grove




08 Jan 2017


11 Mar 2017

Project Scope

We are a community that defines school spirit.

Avon Grove, a school district, wanted to update their website with a new look and feel. During the discovery process, we concluded the new site would be more modern in terms of layout, but would still keep their traditional look in terms of style and color. We delivered our responsive design files to their web developer, who in turn ended up coding the site.

About Avon Grove

The vision for Avon Grove is for their students to create their futures.

Avon Grove is a K-12 public school system that serves over 5,000 students in four schools. It is committed to ensuring that all students achieve the highest levels of literacy performance. The District is located in a rural-suburban setting 34 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and 18 miles northwest of Wilmington, Delaware.

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